Cooltek Jonsbo UMX2 Mini-ITX Case Review @nikktech

Cooltek Jonsbo UMX2 Mini-ITX Case Review 

With more and more people turning towards small PCs to cover their needs it’s no wonder that the popularity of mini-ITX and mini-ATX compatible cases has been on the rise all over the world for quite some time now. What i never understood completely was the reason as to why PC case manufacturers didn’t design small ATX compatible PC cases for people who want the extra features offered by such mainboards without having to worry about having a midi or full tower on their desks. HTPC cases have pretty much offered the solution to that for a long time now but judging by their current popularity it’s safe to assume that the majority of consumers still prefers the “traditional” tower design when out to get a new case. Cooltek is one of the very few manufacturers out in the market currently who have managed to fit a full sized ATX mainboard inside small towers which up until today people thought were only compatible with mITX and mATX models. One such tower design PC case is the aluminum UMX2 by their Jonsbo brand which is here with us today.

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