Corsair Carbide 600C Inverse ATX PC Case Review @ Legit Reviews

Corsair Carbide 600C Inverse ATX PC Case Review 


There are actually many variations of the Carbide cases outside of this newest model. Some are more budget friendly while others are smaller form factors or high air flow models. The new 600C/600Q cases are the top tier models in the Carbide lineup and are mid-tower sized and are geared towards those who typically have components that demand the extra space such as high-end graphics cards and water cooling. There are two variations of this with the 600C having the clear acrylic window in the side panel and the 600Q which skips the window in favor of sound dampening panel. Obviously, the clear 600C version caters to the bling crowd who like to show off their rigs and the quiet 600Q will woo those with a desire for low noise while providing ample cooling. We received the 600C version to check out.

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