Corsair Carbide Series 400Q @legionhardware

Corsair Carbide Series 400Q 

On hand for review is Corsair’s latest computer case, a compact mid-tower known as the Carbide 400Q. Following the design cues of the Carbide 600 series, this new case features clean lines and a curved solid-steel exterior for a minimalist look. There is also a windowed version known as the 400C boasting an edge-to-edge window but for this review we are focusing on the quiet model…

The Carbide 400Q looks great and we appreciate the minimalist design. Installation is a breeze in this case and there is plenty of room for cable management to create a near build. There is loads of room for high-end hardware and the only area where the case is lacking would be the storage department, though we can’t deduct points here as the 400Q is as well-equipped as the competition.

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