Corsair This Week – February 8, 2015


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The Obsidian Series 750D “Yamamura” Custom Liquid Cooling Build: Overclocking

With our Intel Core i7-4790K and pair of GeForce GTX 980s now nice and frosty under water, it’s time to see just how far we can push them. Warning: liquid cooling graphics cards may result in sweet gains.

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The Obsidian Series 750D “Yamamura” Custom Liquid Cooling Build: Optimization

With the 750D Yamamura’s stellar performance in place, now’s the time to see just how low we can get the noise. For that, there’s the Corsair Link Commander Mini.

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The Obsidian Series 750D “Yamamura” Custom Liquid Cooling Build: Post-Mortem


With the 750D Yamamura fully assembled, deployed, and optimized, we can talk about what went right, what went wrong, and what went lateral. It came out beautifully, but Murphy’s Law struck hard in a couple places; find out where.

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What’s the Difference Between an HXi and AXi Series Power Supply?

We have two different lines of 80 Plus Platinum rated power supplies: the HXi and AXi series. But the difference between the two is more than just a letter.

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K70 RGB: Productivity Profiles for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

The RGB keyboards are fantastic for gaming and personalization, but they’re also very useful for productivity, as these profiles for three major Adobe applications illustrate.

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Op-Ed: Are We Ready for 4K Yet?

Less than a year ago, we took a look at the ecosystem for 4K, especially gaming, and found things wanted. But the industry moves quickly: has enough changed in the intervening period to make 4K viable for your daily driver?

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