COUGAR announces Conquer Essence

COUGAR Announces Conquer Essence

July 8th 2018, Tainan – COUGAR. COUGAR announces today the launch of its new compactformat case Conquer Essence. Unique in its premium approach to compact cases, Conquer Essence keeps all the design elements that made Conquer one of the great successes of 2017 and gives them a new life in a compact format. This approach is unique in that it delivers advanced design features in a Micro ATX / Mini ITX case.  As with the original Conquer, the new Conquer Essence’s main strength resides in its unique design. The CNC-milled aluminum-based open design and two tempered glass covers create a beautiful silhouette that expresses the COUGAR DNA like no other while allowing a full view of the computer’s internal components; Conquer Essence is another step in the brand’s pursuit of radically new concepts that challenge established conventions. By bringing one of the market’s most sought-after open designs to the Micro ATX / Mini ITX form factor market, COUGAR is raising the design level of a whole category of products that was until now heavily skewed towards budget class features and aesthetics. With this launch, a premium design compact PC becomes less of an idea and more of a reality

Conquer Essence’s open design gives a full view of the computer’s component

Apart from being extremely attractive in itself, the open design is especially suitable for building powerful RGB lighting systems that shine unobstructed in all their glory. This is not only a beautiful case, but it’s also one that can also act as a showcase for users’ creativity.
Functionality-wise, Conquer Essence brings everything a committed gamer needs. Support for dual 350mm-long GPUs, plenty of space for storage and the possibility of installing a liquid cooling solution with up to two 240mm radiators guarantee that this case’s gorgeous aesthetics does not sacrifce an inch of functionality.

Conquer Essence brings the key design elements of the original Conquer case to a compact (Micro ATX / Mini ITX) format


Conquer Essence will be available for retail purchases starting in late July in the US and its US MSRP will be 229 USD.  For launches and pricing in other regions, please check with COUGAR’s local distributors and retailers (full information here:
For more information about Conquer Essence, please visit its ofcial webpage:



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