Crucial 480GB BX200 TLC SSD Review @

Crucial 480GB BX200 TLC SSD Review

Article Snippet: “As we have seen with the Trion 100, Crucial is also settling into the affordable and high-capacity SSD market with their BX200 by incorporating Micron 16nm 128Gbit TLC NAND, a Silicon Motion SM2256 and also DRAM cache which varies in size depending on the total capacity of the drive. When writing up to 6GB files to the drive, the SLC cache takes up the effort and we are able to see good read/write speeds all over the board; however, if we are planning on working with very large files most of the time, the cache will fill up quite quickly and we will be forced to perform read/write operations directly to the TLC NAND, which is considerably slower.”

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