Crucial MX200 500GB 2-Drive SSD RAID [email protected]

Crucial MX200 500GB 2-Drive SSD RAID Report

Crucial is back at it again. Taking and building upon the huge success that is the MX100. The drive we are looking at today is the newly launched MX200 500GB SATA III SSD. The MX200 retains the same high quality components as the MX100 as well as the MX100’s incredibly low price point. The MX200 is outfitted with high quality MLC NAND in BGA packages, host power-loss protection, a Marvell 88SS9189-BLD2 8-channel flash processor, and a new feature called Dynamic Write Acceleration. Dynamic Write Acceleration, or DWA, is where the MX200 differs most from the MX100, however this feature is available only in the 250GB capacity where it is most beneficial. 500GB and 1TB capacity drives don’t need DWA, as their performance is amazing on its own.

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