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Crucial MX200 500GB SSD Review

“Crucial’s newest SSD is slated to replace their best bang for the buck MX100. However, is the MX200 a worthy replacement?”

Today, we’ve got Crucial’s newest SSD on the bench. Crucial’s MX200 is essentially a second-generation MX100. Crucial’s MX100 was and is one of the best performing low-cost SSD’s on the market. Right off the bat, we notice that the MX200 differs from the MX100 in that the MX200 has 8 flash packages as opposed to 16 flash packages that the MX100 sports. This means (we think) that the MX100’s flash packages have four 64Gbit die per package and the MX200’s flash packages have four 128Gbit die per flash package. The MX100 is outfitted with sixteen 32GB flash packages, and the MX200 eight 64GB flash packages. The MX100 employs zero over-provisioning; the MX200 utilizes a small amount of over-provisioning, resulting in a far greater endurance (Terabytes Written or TBW) rating.

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