CRYORIG 2015 Computex Recap

CRYORIG 2015 Computex Recap with Cameo Appearance by AF41 Super Cooler

Computex 2015 has been a milestone for CRYORIG,

introducing close to half a dozen new products and including two completely new product ranges! Here is a recap of everything!

The A Series line of Hybrid Liquid Coolers, with it’s patent pending Airflow Circulator.

The top Airflow Circulator is removable and reversible, direct it in any direction you want. (2015 COMPUTEX – Hybrid Liquid Cooler A40 Live Demo)

Live demo of the A40 vs. generic liquid cooler.

See how much cooler the area surrounding the CPU is, even the passive cooled GPU is cooler.

A Flir e40 was used to show the live demo. No pre-recoding!

The CRYORIG Pi Series of PSU’s, a proof of concept model was shown to demonstrate the endless possibilities of a IoT enabled PSU.

The CUSTOMOD Covers for R1 is in full glorious display, all 6 colors are on show each matching a mainboard color theme.

The Gold Version is demo only. It’s displayed to show future metallic plating options for the CUSTOMOD line. Yes it’s 24 karat gold plating!

CRYORIG’s CRYO-PASTE line includes the most premium CP5,

high-end CP7 and entry level CP15. Each pack comes with a CPU width measured spreader card, and alcohol pad basically everything you could ever need!

CRYORIG’s entry level M9, 3 x 6mm full nickel plated heatpipes and 92mm PWM fan.

The C7 is a solution for SFF and ITX builds that includes a total of 4 x 6mm heatpipes while being only as tall as the Intel stock cooler.

Honorable Mention, the R1 Universal win’s the Computex x iF International forum Design Award!

Some existing models were also shown including the H5 Universal, and more recent H5 Ultimate.

Are you still wondering how CRYORIG’s AF41 supreme air cooling super tower will look like in real life? Your dreams have come true!

May I present you … the AF41 in it’s full glory.

A 7 heatpipe, 5 fan, 4 tower goliath! Fits to both Intel/AMD sockets but will break your wallet and mainboard.

Check out CRYORIG’s Facebook page for a full photo album:

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