Cryorig A40 AIO Water Cooler Review @ocinside

Cryorig A40 AIO Water Cooler Review 

A40 is not only a German Autobahn but also a so called all-in-one watercooler by manufacturer Cryorig. These kind of coolers are a real trend for CPU cooling for a few years now. It is promised a water cooling without the often maintenance and installation with a cheaper purchase price. Cryorig is known as an innovative manufacturer of CPU coolers and has detected as a weak point of such systems that compared with air cooling systems often the surrounding components not be cooled. That�s why Cryorig has decided to integrate an additional fan above the CPU for their Cryorig A40 all-in one cooler. This also applies to the big brother Cryorig A80, which is available with a larger radiator. We have checked if and how that affects in practice, in the following Cryorig AIO test at OCinside.

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