CRYORIG Innovative Product Compatibility Tester Goes Online

CRYORIG Innovative Product Compatibility Tester Goes Online.

CRYORIG, PC thermal solutions innovator is releasing a new Compatibility Tester.  The CR Origami testing system allows users to print out and put together a origami structure that will reflects the fin size footprint, heatpipe height limitations for a CRYORIG product and platform of choice.  This allows users to pre-test their system and see for themselves if CRYORIG fit’s or not.  Taking only a four steps to make your very own CR Origami Tester, the Tester is the fastest and easiest way to answer questions like wither the R1 Universal will interfere with your RAM/PCI-E and many more compatibility related questions.  The CR Origami tester is far more comprehensive than regular compatibility charts.  The tester allows you to simulate how a CRYORIG product would fit in your system, allowing for pre-purchase planning.

Besides using the CR Origami Tester, you can also always write to [email protected] for any compatibility or system issues.


CR Origami Test per product:



Officially founded in 2013, CRYORIG is a fresh new comer to the PC peripherals and Cooling market but with a core team of seasoned veterans. Our team’s resume include experiences with renowned brands such Thermalright, Prolimatech and Phanteks. We ourselves are overclockers and PC modding enthusiasts, with a passion and drive to strive for improvement.  With our experience and drive for innovation and improvement we are proud to present our new brand CRYORIG to you.  To us CRYORIG is about applying RESEARCH and innovative IDEAS making the coolest GEAR possible.

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