CRYORIG Releases the H7, First Foray into Mainstream Price Territory

CRYORIG Releases the H7, First Foray into Mainstream Price Territory

CRYORIG, innovator of PC thermal peripherals has released the H7. The next step in CRYORIG’s H series heatsink, the H7 holds an even smaller foot print while keeping an extremely high performance efficiency. Keeping almost all award winning features from the larger H5 Universal, the H7 packs great value in it’s small size.

Featuring series moniker HiveFin™ technology for better air management and also CRYORIG’s much renowned Zero Ram Interference design among many others, the H7 will also feature CRYORIG’s brand new QF120 Balanced 120mm 330~1600 RPM PWM fan with Quad Air Inlet™ technology.

The CRYORIG H7 is the next piece in CRYORIG’s quest for PC thermal solution dominance. Targeted at entry and mainstream systems, the H7 brings affordability and CRYORIG innovation to the masses. With a total height of only 145mm, the H7 is almost certain to fit 99% of all mainstream mid-tower cases. While Zero Ram Interference allow users to use any RAM of choice, with no compatibility issues period. 

With the H7, CRYORIG went back to the drawing board for an even simpler mounting system. The brand new X-Bar™ System needs even less individual pieces and even less steps to install. Literally install your H7 within minutes of opening up the box. Multi-platform support for both Intel and AMD is already included, and does not require separate parts. A dedicated backplate made from fiber glass augmented PBT, for higher tensile strength, resistance to heat and is more easily recyclable than other plastics. The backplate protects the mainboard from excessive stress that may come from the mounted heatsink, and also provides a solid base for your fast and secure installation. 

The H7 is an accumulation of years of design and testing all condensed into a total miniature package. The H7 is scheduled to be released January 12th in the USA, Japan and Taiwan for 34.50 USD, 5,000 JPY and 990 NTD respectably. Other regions in Europe and Asia well soon follow in February 2015.

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Watch out for our review coming in this week! (January 14, 2015)

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