Custom Storage with Your Needs


Custom Storage with Your Needs

There are no storage requirements that are the same. From high-performance corporate IT department, to military and government, to movie entertainment industry, to surveillance systems, each individual requirement is different than others. 
Sans Digital helps you! By providing your storage requirements, we can provide the server and storage solution that you need.

12G SAS product line 

             · TowerRAID 12G
             · MobileSTOR 12G
             · EliteSTOR 12G
New High Density Solution

· EliteSTOR ES445X6R 

 EliteNAS 10G / 40G NAS series

Sans Digital Solutions:
High density storage with up to 80 bay in 4U, or 20 bay per 1U
High performance systems in Fibre Channel 16G, SAS 12G, and 10G Ethernet
High redundancy with full redundancy path of controllers, cooling fan, and
  power supply
Completed storage solutions from IT to specialize market in video    
  entertainment or security
Big data, virtualization, or high performance computing
To learn more, feel free to email us at [email protected] or contact us
1.800. 980.1988 and we can help!


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