Dark Base 900 Window Side Panel: Tempered glass panel

Dark Base 900 Window Side Panel

Tempered glass panel for elegant appearance and perfect view of the hardware

Glinde, 6th December 2016 – be quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for ten consecutive years*, now offers a high-quality side panel window for all Dark Base 900 cases. The window was previously reserved for the Pro version only. This elegant glass side panel significantly enhances the appearance and gives you a perfect view inside your PC case.


 The fully transparent side panel window for all Dark Base 900 cases

As of today be quiet! will sell this high-quality side panel window, which was already factory-installed in the Pro model, separately for all Dark Base 900 cases. Owners of the standard version can upgrade to this elegant side panel of 4mm tinted and tempered glass at a low cost. In addition, the side panel is decoupled from the case with rubber elements to inhibit the transfer of vibrations. The fully-windowed side panel gives you a perfect view of the top-end components inside your PC case and significantly enhances the aesthetics of the system.

The tempered glass side panel will be immediately available for an MSRP of €39 / £39 / $39.

 About be quiet!

be quiet! is a premium brand of PC power supplies, PC cases and cooling solutions as well as the consistent PSU market leader in Germany since 2007*. All conception, design and testing is done with a German passion for quality and precision at our headquarters in Germany. Innovative engineering concepts, premium materials and world-class quality make be quiet! products among the most silent, reliable and powerful available.

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