Dashcams Making Headlines!

Dashcams Making Headlines!

 Seemingly endless parades of dashcam footage are posted all over the Internet. Places like Russia and China are rampant with hordes of horrifying and hilarious videos portraying once in a lifetime events all captured on these devices that are placed on the windshield or dashboard of vehicles. There are sites created that spend hours of work and fluxes of posts that dissect and embellish each aspect of every dashcam in existence. Dashcams’ popularity is on the rise and PAPAGO! is a leading contender in high-quality and reliable cameras that meet these demands.

Places like Russia and China are notorious for having reckless drivers, corrupt policing, and crazy antics on the road. Statistics show that the United States’ rate of car accidents is a staggering 10.8 million accidents per year and rising.  American drivers are definitely playing a huge role in “bad driving” and reckless behavior on the road making owning a dashcam a necessity.


True, American drivers may not regularly experience the unfortunate event where someone throws themselves in front of their car to collect insurance money or getting falsely accused by a police officer and/or extorting bribes, such as in Russia.  According to Dash Cam Talk, “…since most people have insurance and police are relatively honest in the US, they may not believe there is a need.  While in countries like Russia, many people don’t have insurance and police are more corrupt.  It has become a necessity there.”  

The possibility of insurance fraud does exist in America; in fact, it is costing drivers upwards of 5 billion dollars in higher premiums because of it.  Most times car accidents turn into a “he said, she said” situation. Just think how important that short video clip would be to any driver in the case of someone trying to fabricate an accident or wrongly blaming the other driver so he or she can collect the insurance or cash on demand. Not only can the footage reveal facts, it can also save you “out-of-pocket” costs for repairs, rental car, and hikes in premiums when there is no way to prove fault.


 The most noteworthy thing we can say about dashcams is that they do provide footage of once in a lifetime events. Meteorites in Russia, bullying police officers, yes even in the US (nydailynews.com), and even good deeds (theblaze.com), plus the horrific, funny, and wild events that happen without any notice.  With the voluminous accounts you find on the Internet it is no surprise that Americans’ interest in dashcams has risen significantly in the past few years. Google trends predict that it will continue to grow at an exponential rate over the next year.

Another key niche market that should explore the benefits of dashcams is truck drivers and fleet managers.  The security that a dashcam can provide commercial truck owners in a  variety of situations is worth the small investment.  There are truck-driving forums devoted to discussing the perils and harrowing experiences they live through as part of their profession (www.truckingtruth.com). Evidence shows that a huge majority of truck drivers would like to have a dashcam to capture other drivers’ antics on the road and protect them from insurance fraud.  Fleet managers could take advantage of this by monitoring their drivers’ route, driving habits, and to protect their drivers against fraud.


Many articles written on dashcams state that Americans are running late to the game. With the huge strides in research and design PAPAGO! Inc. is offering consumers the access to a variety of dashcams that appeal to their particular lifestyle.  The list of reasons to own a dashcam is growing. Purchasing a quality made dashcam is available to the masses in North America and people everywhere should do their research and find the right dashcam for them.


Established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2001, PAPAGO! Inc. has now expanded to China, Russia, Australia, Japan, and now America and Canada. Here at PAPAGO! Inc. we are excited to finally bring our innovative designs and concepts to the US and Canada. With over 10 years experience in the GPS software and hardware industry we continue to branch out to other related products that are sure to become market leaders in car safety devices and driving recorders.

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