Deepcool Launches ASUS ROG Certified Genome Liquid Cooling Chassis

Deepcool Launches ASUS ROG Certified Genome Liquid Cooling Chassis

Beijing, China – November 2016 – DEEPCOOL

Deepcool is proud to announce a brand new version of the company’s highly acclaimed Genome Integrated Liquid Cooling Chassis designed specifically for the ASUS ROG mainboard series and named the Genome ROG Certified Edition.

The Genome series of ATX PC cases from Deepcool features a pre-installed extreme liquid cooling system with breathing light pump, cool-looking helix reservoir, a large radiator and a sophisticated lighting system. Other key features include tool-less assembly, large side window and many mounting options for the PC components and for cable management. The bottom loaded PSU is designed for effective cooling and easy installation. Now users of ASUS ROG mainboards can enjoy all these features and easily customise the appearance of their system.

With its integrated remote-control, the Aura RGB Lighting system lets the user choose between millions of synchronous colour options in their system build, allowing huge scope for the expression of individual style. Lighting options include the ability to tune and change the colours of lighting for the Water Block, Reservoir, PSU Shroud and LED Strip.

The integrated, multi-award winning Deepcool Captain Water Block can now cast a stunning glow across the interior of the rig and the user has the ability to choose the perfect colour combination to satisfy the imagination

The same level of optimisation is available to the clear, cylindrical reservoir – complete with its double helix front panel.

The innovative PSU Shroud and integrated LED strip mounting slots with RGB colour command system add further choice and flexibility to colour conscious gamers and specialist system builders alike.

An important part of the certified integration with the ASUS ROG mainboard series is the inclusion of the Aura RGB Header, which gives the user instant control over the lighting throughout the system. Widened gaps in the angled panel ensure that the Genome ROG Certified Edition has better compatibility with the ROG motherboard series.

The Genome series also allows the user to show off their prized GPU by mounting it vertically with the PCI-E extension cable included – it’s easy to install and provides great stability and durability

Available in November, 2016
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