Deepcool Launches RGB CPU Air Cooler GAMMAXX GT TGA- Light up your TUF Gaming Rig

Deepcool Launches RGB CPU Air Cooler GAMMAXX GT TGA

–Light up your TUF Gaming Rig

Deepcool is a company that was built with the vision of providing the finest PC DIY solution for worldwide customers by constantly seeking innovative breakthroughs. To serve the gaming community with brand new air cooling experience, Deepcool brings out GAMMAXX GT TGA. As a member of TUF GAMING ALLIANCE, GAMMAXX GT TGA featuring sleek RGB lighting and optimized cooling performance provides gamers with all-new air cooling experiences. It’s not just cooling. It’s DEEP, high quality CPU-cooling for optimal heat dissipation while fulfilling your desires for that spectacular RGB gaming rig.


All-aluminum RGB housing

Premium all-aluminum housing featuring hi-tech visuals and RGB lighting. Provides a definitive visual element for your gaming rig.


Easy Installation

Provided with highly durable and enhanced backplate and clips and an all-new optimized mounting kit, allowing easy step-by-step installation.


Software Control

If your motherboard supports RGB lighting, then you can use software control by simply plugging in the RGB connector (included) into the RGB Header on your motherboard.






Available in August, 2018
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