Doom OpenGL VS Vulkan Graphics Performance Analysis @ eTeknix

Doom OpenGL VS Vulkan Graphics Performance Analysis 

The Doom series popularised the first-person shooter genre and is still held in high regard decades after the original title’s release. While hyperbole is often used to describe games, it’s evidently clear that Doom deserves the critical acclaim and its place in video gaming history. The franchise’s magical formula is based on an impeccable non-linear level design, fun gunplay, hidden secrets and a stunning soundtrack. Modern franchises including Arma, Call of Duty and Battlefield all take inspiration from Doom. Additionally, the innovative mechanics set a solid foundation for other games to replicate and add a modern twist. Sadly, most first-person shooters opt for an overly restricted level design with invisible walls and provides the player with little freedom to explore. This theme doesn’t honour the Doom legacy and prioritises storytelling over the gameplay.

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