Element Gaming Hyperian Micro-ATX Chassis Review @eteknix

Element Gaming Hyperian Micro-ATX Chassis Review 

Atomic Gaming is a very new player on the component market, offering a range of peripherals and most importantly, today at least, a range of chassis targeted at the gaming market. Their latest model is the Hyperian Micro-ATX and it comes in that increasingly popular cube-style form factor that acts as a nice step up from the mini-ITX craze that hit the market a couple of years ago. We recently reviewed one of the Element Gaming chassis range a few weeks ago, the Atomic ITX and it was a fantastic little product, so I’m hoping this new product will at least live up to that standard; you can check out the full review of the Atomic ITX here.

For More Information Please Visit  http://www.eteknix.com/element-gaming-hyperian-micro-atx-chassis-review/

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