Exclusively Made for Apple Products- Ultra-Thin Tempered Screen Protector

Exclusively Made for Apple Products- Ultra-Thin Tempered Screen Protector/Durable Charging Cable with Multi Colors Are Finely Created and Released by Team Group



The long expected iPhone 7 series was just released not long ago, but all popular colors are sold out already. Team Group has been continuously dedicated to satisfying the needs of global consumers in mobile usage, and in response to the long waiting Apple fans and the trend it brings every year, a series of iPhone 7 peripherals are launched today, including dual color 2 in 1 Lightning Cable-WC06, charging and transfer flat cable-WC08 and the tempered screen protector which offers smartphone’s screen a total protection.

WC06’s two in one connector design with stylish dual color is cross system compatible and it is both easy to use and convenient.

WC06 is a charging and transfer 2 in 1 lightning cable designed specifically for Apple. Its creative 20 cm design is the most thoughtful and suitable length for walking or going out. The unique and convenient two in one design is using Micro USB connector to connect with Lightning connector, which is able to compatible with both Android and iOS system, therefore users can be spared the trouble of purchasing multiple cables for different devices. Moreover, with the creative non fall off design, it is easy to carry around without any hassles. WC06 is using aluminum connector which is both solid and stylish. The reinforced braiding cable is super sturdy and pull resistant. The joint part of the connector and the cable is strengthened. The cable itself is sturdy, solid, durable and also tested with pull and swing tests. In addition to its pull resistant outer body, the inside of WC06 is made of special copper material which offers excellent charging efficiency by decrease electrical impedance and reduce power consumption caused by transferring through the cable, so users are able to enjoy more battery life. WC06 is Apple MFi certified and compatible with any Apple mobile devices. Any iOS version is supported and the quality is assured. There are Premium Gold, Rose Gold, Classic Copper and Space gray, making a total of 4 colors available for users to freely choose from and creating a mobile technology trend.

WC08’s unibody is solid and durable and comes with four stylish colorful colors

There’s also another Apple specific charging and transfer flat cable – WC08. The joint part of the Lightning connector and the cable is reinforced. The cable itself is also tested numerous times with pull and swing tests to ensure a reliable quality. The WC08 is 100 cm long, which is very flexible to use and not limited by the space. The inside of WC08 is made of special copper material which offers excellent charging efficiency and a smooth charging experience. WC08 is also Apple MFi certified and compatible with any Apple mobile devices. Users can be assured that any iOS versions are supported. WC08 is available in four colors: Premium Black, Flawless White, Watery Blue, and Strawberry Red. Colorful colors goes perfectly with any of your mobile devices and satisfy all your on-the-go needs for a mobile charging periphery.

Super-thin tempered glass iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus screen protector WS01/ WS02 offers comprehensive top protection

            The Apple official named the screen of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus “Retina HD”. To match up with the hi-end screen, Team Group offers the most comprehensive protection for Apple fans around the world by releasing 0.33mm super-thin 2.5D tempered glass screen protector and 3D screen protector exclusively for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The raw material of WS01 and WS02 is using Japan’s ASAHI AGC glass. The substrate of the glass is highly stable and highly tempered for 4 hours during manufacturing process to enhance surface hardness and impact resistance of the glass. The hardness rating is 9H which is 300% stronger than the PET material and provides better impact resistance than normal screen protector. It is shock absorbing and less likely to shatter after impact, which offers top protection as hard as steel. 

Team Group has always insisted to provide consumers with reliable quality. WS01 and WS02 are using top class vacuum coating process, that it can completely go deep into glass pores to offer excellent splash proof and stain resistance. With water and oil repellent, it gives a smooth feel to your phone and consumers never have to worry about leaving fingerprints or stain on the screen, and it is easy to clean as well. High class Nippa adhesive is easy to apply and leaves no bubble. There is no adhesive residue after ripping off, therefore it can be applied and ripped off repeatedly for multiple times. With up to 95% of high light penetration ratio and high clarity, WS01 and WS02 are able to present all colors perfectly and fully display the high definition performance of the screens of the iPhone 7 series. In addition, the CNC carving technology is used for making the 3D curved edge ultra-thin 0.33mm screen protector completely cover and protect the smartphone. The surface of the edge is smooth so users won’t have to worry if the smartphone case might cause problems. The best all round protection and the perfect screen display, this premium product is definitely something users of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus should get.

As a leading provider of memory storage products and mobile applications to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services. For more information, please visit the Team website at http://www.teamgroup.com.tw or facebook https://www.facebook.com/teamgroupinc

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Team Group Inc. is a manufacturer of computer products and consumer electronics, established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1997. We manufacture and distribute high quality Memory modules, Memory cards, USB disk, SSD, Industrial Applications and Mobile Applications. Team Group is recognized as one of the leading memory products and consumer electronics manufacturers in the industry. We cover most business regions in the world. Team provides the highest quality products to customers in volume with competitive prices and the best possible after services. Through many years of the close and direct relationships with the leading manufacturers and OEMs, we are able to provide various products even during the shortage and allocation periods. As we continue to grow, we start to develop mobile application devices in 2012 and we will continue committing to support our customers with superior products, first class service and excellent business growth.

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