Fatal1ty FXM 200 Gaming Headset by Monster Review @ Legit Reviews

Fatal1ty FXM 200 Gaming Headset by Monster Review 

Monster is a brand that should be familiar to most. As a premier manufacturer of audio equipment, Monster holds hundreds of patents and their branding has extended across various product lines, from laptops to surge protectors. Monster has a lot of experience in the headphone department and are the original manufacturer of Beats by Dre, a very stylish headphone known for carrying a heavy price tag, despite featuring average sound quality and known headband durability issues. In partnering with Fatal1ty, Monster is aiming to produce a headset that will give gamers the sound quality they desire, in a comfortable package. Despite Monster products typically carrying a premium price point, the Fatal1ty FXM 200 headset that we are reviewing today are competitively priced. 

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