First look at Oculus Rift’s final design, how Goldeneye ruined console gaming, and zombie goats attack! @ “PC & Tech Authority

First look at Oculus Rift’s final design, how Goldeneye ruined console gaming, and zombie goats attack 

GAMING NEWSLETTER  Friday May 8, 2015


The Void VR coming to Aus
By Alessandro Guarrera | May 8, 2015
Welcome to the Void
New Assassin’s Creed game will be revealed next week
By Andrew Hayward | May 8, 2015
Ubisoft teases a livestream event for Tuesday – is this the leaked Victorian-era game?
Hyper PixelCast 31
By Tim Henderson | May 7, 2015
Hey there, buddy. Whatcha listening to this podcast on? A pair of ten dollar earbuds that you found on the floor at a JB Hi-Fi? That’s… probably fine for this podcast, actually.
Oculus offers first look at final design, release date, for Rift
By David Hollingworth , Sam Kieldsen | May 7, 2015
It’s just a tease of info, but the Oculus Rift is definitely coming – next year.
Microsoft bringing TV recording to Xbox One “soon”
By Sam Kieldsen | May 7, 2015
But old favourite Windows Media Center won’t be a part of Windows 10.
WOLFENSTEIN: The Old Blood out now!
By Alessandro Guarrera | May 6, 2015
Der Alt Blut
Goldeneye ruined everything
By Andi Lennon | May 6, 2015
The Rise of the Hollywood Shooter.
It’s a wide, open road
By David Hollingworth | May 6, 2015
The open world genre of games has always been with us, but what is so appealing about it, and what’s driving the current expanding crop of titles?
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 announced for this year
By Andrew Hayward | May 6, 2015
Forget the several sequels that came after THPS4 – the old Pro Skater brand is back.
Click Here
Star Wars joins the Avengers, Tron, and more Pixar in Disney Infinity 3.0
By Andrew Hayward | May 6, 2015
Disney’s massive media franchises converge in another toy-centric game sequel.
Video Game Jazz Jams with The Consouls
By Alex Mann | May 6, 2015
Interview: We talk Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Skyrim and more with video game jazz band The Consouls.
New GoatZ DLC out tomorrow(ish) for Goat Simulator
By David Hollingworth | May 6, 2015
Zombies invade Goat Simulator. Ahuh.
Jason Voorhees gets into the Mortal Kombat X action
By David Hollingworth | May 5, 2015
Game Trailer: The iconic Friday the 13th villain just wants to fight.
Project CARS really, actually launching this week!
By David Hollingworth | May 5, 2015
Game Trailer: Time to celebrate with a launch trailer.
Video games make you less sexist? It’s not quite that simple
By Michael Kasumovic | May 5, 2015
One narrowly defined study isn’t enough to prove that people who play video games are less sexist.
Apple locks up gaming in iOS 8.3
By Craig Grannell | May 5, 2015
With Apple’s latest update, delete a game and your progress is gone, forever.
Batgirl stars in Arkham Knight DLC
By Andrew Hayward | May 5, 2015
Yes, let’s talk DLC before the game’s even released!
Yooka-Laylee, spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, smashes Kickstarter goal in minutes
By Andrew Hayward | May 4, 2015
Classic platform action is coming back, and it’s headed to all sorts of gaming devices.
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