Fnatic FLICK G1 Mouse Review @benchmarkreviews.

  Fnatic FLICK G1 Mouse Review 

London-based Fnatic PTY Ltd is primarily an eSports team company, with sponsored players and their own YouTube channel. But they also offer a few hardware items under the Fnatic Gear imprint. Even casual gamers need a good gaming-oriented mouse, but these can be very expensive. The Fnatic Gear FLICK G1 Optical Mouse offers Omron switches, a Pixart sensor, and a maximum resolution of 5,000 dpi. Fnatic says that their mouse is “eSports inspired”, but the proof is in the pudding…or in this case, the proof is in the testing. Benchmark Reviews takes this mouse on a gaming journey to see how well it fares.

 For more Information Please Visit : http://benchmarkreviews.com/36776/fnatic-flick-g1-optical-gaming-mouse-review/

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