Four monitor recommendations to make winter your favourite season

Four monitor recommendations to make winter your favourite season

Amsterdam, 16 February 2016 – With temperatures hovering around freezing, evenings that are pitch dark, and weeks of winter still to come, we are likely to be spending lots of our after-hours time in our own living rooms. To make these bleak midwinter days brighter and more entertaining, we have prepared some display tips for quality time at home:

Wide colour gamut: the E7 line-up


Brighten up grey days

Midwinter is arguably the only time of the year when it is possible to be a couch potato without feeling guilty. Although it might be dark and freezing outside, there is an easy way to prevent a bad mood and brighten up the living space: With the stylish Philips E7 series displays and their brilliant images, even the greyest of days will eventually light up. Thanks to a wide colour gamut with 82 % NTSC and 99 % sRGB, the E7 line-up brings colour to the home and is perfect for hour-long home entertainment such as catching up with the latest season of your favorite series. Moreover, the viewing angles are extra wide, so even with a whole group of people in the room; everyone will have a great view of the screen from whatever angle.



Prevents eyes from getting tired: the innovative Philips SoftBlue technology


Wellbeing for the eyes

Apart from socialising, winter is also traditionally a time of the year to recharge batteries, relax and take care of our wellbeing. Our eyes also deserve some winter wellness. The trouble is that, at this dark time of the year, people are more likely than ever to be spending time in front of display devices. All this screen time makes eyes tired and long-term overexposure to blue light from LED displays can damage the vision. The Philips SoftBlue technology in the E-series displays mitigates this risk by eliminating the potentially harmful wavelengths without sacrificing the original colour. Users therefore protect their eyes and still benefit from accustomed picture quality, brightness and colour fidelity.



Magical viewing atmosphere thanks to the Ambiglow Plus base of Phlips Moda displays


Create a magical atmosphere

Philips Moda displays with the Ambiglow Plus base have winter wellbeing in mind. The base creates a halo of light around the display, adjusting colour and brightness to what is displayed on the screen. It also brings beautiful lighting to the room, with colours set to preference: a warm glow in the evening or brighter energising hues during daylight hours, particularly for those times when it is so gloomy that the lights stay on all day. The design is stylish, complementing rather than dominating the living space. The edge-to-edge infinity glass and narrow border create a seamless appearance and make for minimal distraction when viewing.

Winter does not need to be a time to endure. With a fantastic viewing experience in the living room to share with family and friends, it might easily turn into the brightest season of all.


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