Func announces an update to the F-Series 10 mouse pad series

Func announces an update to the F-Series 10 mouse pad series

January 26th, 2015. Func is excited to announce a new version of the F-Series 10. The F-Series was introduced to the market for the first time back in 2005 and was meant to be an economical alternative to the more high-end product from Func, the Surface 1030.

The new Func F-Series 10², like earlier versions is a single-sided, low profile, semi-rigid mouse pad constructed of high quality polycarbonate but is now available in 3 sizes.

In addition to a wider range of sizes, the MSRP of the new F-Series 10² is significantly lower compared to earlier versions.

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For more information, visit the F-Series 10² product page at

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Func F-Series 10² MSRP


Func-FS-10-R2-M          $12,99       €12,99                £9,99         129 SEK

Func-FS-10-R2-L           $13,99       €13,99                £10,99       139 SEK

Func-FS-10-R2-XL         $14,99       €14,99                £11,99       149 SEK


About Func

Func was founded 1999 by a group of gamers and is one of the oldest gaming brands on the market. When Func released the first products, it hit the market in a spectacular way. The double-sided Func Surface 1030 won awards from nearly every major site and magazine in the industry.

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