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Witcher 3 interview, Bloodborne reviewed, and our verdict on Battlefield: Hardline’s multiplayer


The Witcher 3: Poles Gone Wild!
By Staff Writer | Apr 2, 2015
Interview: Hunting for answers with Matthew Steinke, Lead Technical Designer at CD Projekt Red.
Review: Bloodborne
By Dylan Burns | Mar 31, 2015
DYLAN BURNS does not own a top hat.
Review: Battlefield Hardline multiplayer
By James O’Connor | Mar 30, 2015
JAMES O’CONNOR is an army of one (which is to say he’s incredibly ineffectual).
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles expands into a downloadable trilogy
By Andrew Hayward | Apr 1, 2015
The first side-scrolling stealth entry is out next month, with two more revealed for later this year.
Blades in the Dark is a new RPG on Kickstarter – and it looks awfully familiar…
By David Hollingworth | Apr 1, 2015
But it also looks pretty awesome, if you’re into tabletop gaming.
SteelSeries announces the end of civilization with Pro Gaming Suit
By David Hollingworth | Mar 31, 2015
And it’s not even April 1st yet.
Blood, vomiting, and new factions in Total War: Attila DLC
By Rob North | Mar 31, 2015
Bringing new levels of gory authenticity to the fall of the Roman Empire.
Goodbye rubbish FIFA 15 soundtrack: Spotify app brings custom music to all PS4 games
By Esat Dedezade | Mar 31, 2015
Finally, you can punch aliens in the face while Enya soothes your nerves.
Halo 5 gets October 27 release date
By Angus Baillie | Mar 30, 2015
Release date revealed during finale for The Walking Dead. No other information given.
Check out Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operators
By David Hollingworth | Mar 31, 2015
Game Trailer: We are GO FOR BREECH!
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