Over the year, GIGABYTE has introduced the premium AORUS brand across high-end product categories to great acclaim. GIGABYTE is excited to bring leading edge PC hardware to showcase at the Emperor’s Ballroom in Caesars Palace. Come celebrate the year of AORUS with the latest in Motherboards, Graphic Cards, Notebooks, Peripherals, and more.

“This CES marks the first year for GIGABYTE’s unified AORUS brand. The debut of AORUS products highlight the best in performance and design for PC enthusiasts and gamers,” said Tony Liao, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “The growing trend for technology and gaming has great potential and GIGABYTE will continue to deliver compelling products.”

Attendees can enjoy the whole experience through showroom exhibits that demonstrate how the GIGABYTE AORUS product ecosystem is integrated into modern lifestyles. Each showcase peeks into different environments including a home office, a contemporary living room, and an enthusiast game room. GIGABYTE will also demo a full feature VR racing setup with motion simulation on the premises.

This year GIGABTYE will once again be joined by Enermax, a world-renowned PC Power Supply Unit manufacturer. ENERMAX will showcase their own booth in the GIGABYTE ballroom with the latest RGB gear such as gaming fans, chassis, and high-performance CLC liquid coolers. Last but not least, ENERMAX will be displaying their all-new Liqtech TR4 cooler which is the best solution for cooling high-end AMD Threadripper CPUs.

If you are interested in meeting with GIGABYTE at CES 2018 please sign-up here:

Learn More:   AORUS   |    GIGABYTE

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