GIGABYTE Presents X399 DESIGNARE EX Motherboards

GIGABYTE Presents X399 DESIGNARE EX Motherboards

Bring Your Artistic Talents to the Spotlight with these New Motherboards

City of Industry, California, October 27th, 2017 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, announced the release of the new X399 DESIGNARE EX motherboard. With features such as Smart Fan 5, RGB Fusion, and support for the powerful AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processor, the X399 DESIGNARE EX motherboard is crafted for content creators who take pride in their own work.

he exterior design of the motherboard is a work of art in itself and provides plenty of aesthetic value. It comes with a jet black colored PCB, silver colored armor, and a customizable Accent PCH Overlay. The DESIGNARE logo and stylized lettering is imprinted on the overlay which can be illuminated with RGB Fusion APP, giving the motherboard a unique, vibrant style

Fully optimized to support the monstrous power of the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™, the X399 DESIGNARE EX motherboard has outstanding performance capabilities. The 16-core, 32-thread AMD Ryzen Threadripper is one of the most power hungry processors on the market so the motherboard uses a design combining 8-pin and 4-pin gold plated solid power connectors to power such a CPU. The motherboard’s server-grade digital VRM design with 3rd Generation PowIRstage™ allows it to effectively regulate the power flow within the motherboard.

mpressive graphical performance is one of the defining features of the X399 DESIGNARE EX motherboard. It comes with 48 PCIe Gen 3 lanes and provides support for 4-Way AMD CrossFire™ and 4-Way NVIDIA® SLI, enabling the usage of multi-graphic configurations. The motherboard is designed to fully support design focused graphics cards such as the NVIDIA® Quadro® and AMD Radeon™ Pro GPUs. Even with their stringent performance requirements, the X399 DESIGNARE EX allows for those cards to be seamlessly implemented into the  motherboard to provide high quality 3D performance, as well as larger design and increased rendering capabilities.

Storage performance is a key asset for any motherboard designed for content creators. The X399 DESIGNARE EX provides Triple NVMe PCIe x4 M.2 connectors with transfer speeds up to 32 Gb/s for top-of-the-line storage performance. These powerful storage devices are protected by M.2 Thermal Guard which minimize the effects of thermal throttling and are capable of keeping these storage devices up to 20°C cooler. The motherboard supports free NVMe RAID with up to 7 NVMe SSDs, a rarity even for motherboards with strong storage performance.

Furthermore, Smart Fan 5 technology provides the perfect cooling solution for such a high performance motherboard. It allows users to monitor temperatures in critical areas of the motherboard and set temperature limits to ensure that their PCs operate within safe temperature ranges. Users can also customize fan speed settings to maximize fan efficiency and minimize unwanted fan noise. 

RGB Fusion Technology is a natural fit with the X399 DESIGNARE EX motherboard and provides the user with incredible style and flair. With onboard LEDs as well as support for  5V or 12V external digital lighting strips, the motherboard provides the user with the ability to illuminate the motherboard or even the Chassis with cool lighting effects. Designers and enthusiasts alike can utilize the motherboard’s RGB Fusion Technology to create lighting patterns that allow them to express their unique artistic style.

The motherboard comes with dual Intel® GbE LAN ports, Intel® Dual Band Wireless 802.11ac connectivity with cFosSpeed, Quad Channel DDR4 support, a front USB 3.1 header, USB DAC-UP 2, Q-Flash Plus, and much more. The X399 DESIGNARE EX motherboard has everything that content creators could ask for to help them produce the highest quality content.


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