GIGABYTE X99-UD4 (Intel X99) Motherboard [email protected]

GIGABYTE X99-UD4 (Intel X99) Motherboard Review

QUOTE:“Steven is back again with another motherboard review, this time it tells us all about GIGABYTE’s X99-UD4. Should it be your next board?”

GIGABYTE is a well-known manufacturer of computer hardware, and today I will give you a look at their X99-UD4. The X99-UD4 falls into GIGABYTE’s Ultra Durable category for motherboards. It isn’t specifically aimed at overclockers or gamers, but rather anyone looking for a versatile board with quality components.

The X99-UD4 doesn’t carry specialized features, instead it provides all the Intel chipset features with some upgrades in the audio section. While it might not be labeled a gaming or overclocking motherboard, it still should hold its own when it comes to both.

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