Going Airborne with The CRYORIG “Cloud” Air Fort One

Going Airborne with The CRYORIG “Cloud” Air Fort On


CRYORIG, innovator of PC cooling apparatuses is ready to release its most ambitious product since the AF41 supreme air cooling super tower. With the CRYORIG “Cloud” Air Fort One! CRYORIG is stepping into the ultra competitive new market of Quadrotor Helicopters. With it’s Q.S.A.L.C.T. Quadro Sphere Aerial Liftoff and Cooling Technology, the CRYORIG “Cloud” Air Fort One! is capable of both cooling super powerful CPU’s of 900 watt TDP and also go air borne! Together with a proprietary depth camera and on board WiFi, the CRYORIG “Cloud” Air Fort One! is capable of pushing the boundaries of Quadrotor Helicopters.


Basically a flying super server in the sky, the CRYORIG “Cloud” Air Fort One is capable of following the user as an aerial file server, personal GPS tracker and short distance weather balloon, personal aerial photo and video camera as well as electronic body guard. With the latest USB, PCI-E and SATA ports the CRYORIG “Cloud” Air Fort One! has limitless possibilities and expansion capabilities!


The CRYORIG “Cloud” Air Fort One! will be available in select countries beginning April 31st, MSRP is over nine thousand JPY(-vat) worldwide.


Product Page: http://www.cryorig.com/cloud.php

More pictures: http://www.cryorig.com/images/gallery/cloud/01_white-background_cloud_1024.jpg





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