Guardian Hardware Monitor, One device to rule them all!

Guardian Hardware Monitor, One device to rule them all!


It is a rare pleasure to be able to introduce a revolutionary new products. Presently under development by a company, aptly named, Just a Bunch of Geeks, Guardian and Spectrum LED fans are groundbreaking and nothing short of spectacular. The inspiration for Guardian arose after a massive raid failed. 8TB, a collection of various files spanning nearly ten years, lost, not because of a hardware failure, but a simple failure to give notice that the RAID had not assembled correctly.


So what makes the  Guardian revolutionary and groundbreaking compared to other devices on the market?   Ingeniously it combines hardware and software and reaches into realms never attempted in the PC accessory industry before.   Up front, Guardian sports a 5 inch TFT color touch screen that allows the user to control  lighting, fan speeds, alarms, monitor hardware and other settings though a user friendly, customizable and dynamic GUI.

But where Guardian really breaks new ground is as the first PC accessory to offer addressable LED lighting. Paired with Guardian, Spectrum fans raise the bar to new heights by adding addressable LED to fans!  These unique features allow customization that is far higher than the standard fare that lighting kits on the market currently offer.  With Guardian and Spectrum fans, you can make truly 100% user configurable lighting effects as demonstrated in this video.

Guardian can also trigger LED effects on CPU/GPU temp and load changes, in-game events and other host system cues and is web accessible via your local browser, tablet and even your smartphone. In addition, Guardian will feature 10 channels for standard 4-pin fans, or Spectrum fans or addressable LED strips plus two more channels for RGB LED strips and two more channels for single color or UV LED strips. There is also a loud dynamic 90dB speaker to alert the user of any potential abnormal sensor reading, and ringtone quality alarms that downloaded for total customization.

Spectrum fans, available in 12cm and 14cm, can be configured to create dazzling lighting effects. Another feature that makes Spectrum fans stand in a class by themselves is that they are designed for interchangeability, allowing the user to swap out the impeller: high flow or high static pressure to push air through a dust filter or radiators or reverse flow to show off lighting effects on the top of your case for example. Pop out the old, pop in the new. Below are some videos showing the lighting configurations of the Spectrum fans.

Guardian sets a very high bar by any Geek standard by using Field Programmable Gate Array as the centerpiece of its brain. FPGAs allow logic level hardware features to be added down the road by simply downloading a new configuration file, so suggestions from the Guardian community can have immediate benefits, not just for future products, but for all Guardians in the field. This Bunch of Geeks also made Guardian modular so that new hardware could be added, like additional fan and lighting ports and special ports for liquid cooling builds.

Some of Guardian’s magic and wizardry is thanks to its flexible software architecture that allows users to configure settings and preferences that might boggle the wildest imagination to create truly unique lighting effects unequaled before Guardian and its unique feature set.  In addition to dazzling custom user configurable light shows, Guardian has built in hard drive monitoring that tracks changes in HDD SMART data logs and RAID status reports, allowing Guardian to give advanced notice of faults, errors and degradation of data storage media so that replacement or reconfiguration can be made before total failure occurs.

Overall Guardian and Spectrum fans promise to be a game changer for gamers and modders alike and will open up new possibilities that we could only previously have dreamed of.  If you would like to learn more about these products and the company you can do so at

Also if you would like to get involved they have a Kickstarter campaign going on currently that can be found here

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