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Intel SSD 750 Series 1.2TB Review

Designed for enthusiasts and workstations, the key feature of Intel’s SSD 750 Series is its adoption of Non-Volatile Memory Express or NVMe, bringing multiple queues and lower latency with a direct path from the storage to the CPU. The drive is rated to deliver sequential read performance of up to 2.4GB/s with sequential writes hitting 1.2GB/s..

When it comes to pricing the SSD 750 Series isn’t cheap and that is hardly going to shock anyone, after all this is an enthusiast/workstation series. The 400GB model has an MSRP of $390 and the 1.2TB model that we reviewed has an MSRP of $1030. That means the 400GB works out at a cost of $0.97 per gigabyte and the 1.2TB model $0.85 per gigabyte. Those were decent prices a few years ago, but today with SSDs such as the Samsung SSD 850 Pro 1TB fetching $0.55 per gigabyte, that makes the Intel SSD 750 series rather expensive.

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