Introducing TRENDnet’s new AC2600 StreamBoostT MU-MIMO WiFi Router, model TEW-827DRU

Introducing TRENDnet’s new
AC2600 StreamBoost MU-MIMO WiFi Router, model TEW-827DRU
Previous wireless technology only allowed routers to communicate with one device at a time, while other devices waited in a queue. TRENDnet’s new AC2600 router is faster, stronger, and more reliable, communicating with multiple devices to reduce bottlenecking and maximize bandwidth.
Quad-Stream AC2600 WiFi
4 streams improve WiFi performance:
1,733 Mbps WiFi AC + 800 Mbps WiFi N
StreamBoost Device/Traffic Mapping
See connected clients, real-time network usage, and review historical usage data
MU-MIMO Simultaneous Data Streams
Allows routers to transmit data to multiple clients simultaneously
Amplifiers & High Gain Antennas
Improves wireless signal coverage and increases range
StreamBoost Latency Prioritization
Eliminate stutter or lag caused by other high bandwidth network traffic
Targeted Beamforming
Directs stronger wireless signals to specific devices
StreamBoost Traffic Shaping
Allocates the optimal amount of bandwidth for each device and assign device priority





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