InWin Gaming Black 707 Full-Tower Chassis [email protected]

InWin Gaming Black 707 Full-Tower Chassis Review


When we consider all of the InWin cases we have seen over the past few years, we realize there are really only two types of cases they have produced. Initially, InWin put forward cases that are best described as cases for kids since they featured loads of plastic bits and simple interiors. These cases didn’t really offer much to the masses. Then you have the flip side of that token, InWin’s long lineup of hand-built masterpieces, where they break the mold of traditional design and offer cases that are just as much art as they are functional places to mount a PC. There hasn’t really been much of a grey area between these two types of InWin cases. So far, InWin cases have been either top tier or things we would likely pass up. Well, that is until today. 
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