KINGMAX invites you to experience air quality monitors for free, and gives away USD 1,600 in prize money

KINGMAX invites you to experience air quality monitors for free, and gives away USD 1,600 in prize money!


If you love cutting-edge technology, you’re in luck! To give everyone a chance to experience our new product before it hits the market, KINGMAX will hold a Free Trial Review Event in September, with a total prize money of USD 1,600. Just register for the event, and you’ll have a chance to receive “AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device” for free (value USD 69). We will choose the top-three product review, and the testers will take home cash prizes of USD 1,600. For more information visit the event on our Facebook fan page:


The “AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device” is KINGMAX’ first product for smart living. The research team was triggered to develop the AirQ Check by the discovery that the average person spends more than 90% of their time indoors every day. Poor indoor air quality will lead to asthma, chronic inflammation and other respiratory diseases. Long-term exposure to air pollution is potentially carcinogenic, especially for such lower-resistance groups as infants, pregnant women, elderly, and chronically ill people. Thus it is worthwhile to monitor indoor air quality anytime, anywhere, to protect yourself and stay away from air pollution.


In recent years, everyone has become aware of the need to prevent or stay away from outdoor air pollution. However, in fact indoor air may be full of harmful volatile organic substances from cosmetics, nail polish, perfumes, paints, cigarettes, pesticides, bathroom detergents. Our bodies may absorb these through touch, inhalation, and ingestion, and our noses are very poor judges of these risks. The KINGMAX AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device helps you distinguish good air quality from bad. Please pay attention to the air quality around you, and take immediate action as needed, to prevent indoor air pollution together!


At KINGMAX we think that your smart living will keep changing for the better with sensor products. We will keep launching more products of smart living for better, healthier lives. Register now on the KINGMAX Facebook fan page to join the Free Trial Review Event, to experience the AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device and have a chance of taking home the total USD 1,600 cash prize!


The AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device will be launched worldwide, with a suggested retail price of USD 69. Please contact the distributor in your country for details.




KINGMAX, the world’s first vertically – integrated semiconductor company, provides dynamic, efficient storage solution to meet any need. As the first semiconductor manufacturer with its own packaging and testing facilities, KINGMAX ensures premium quality, cost-controlled applications. Having developed its own state-of-the-art packaging technologies, KINGMAX delivers Flash products with some of the world’s best size-capacity ratios. TinyBGA and PIP are KINGMAX patented packaging technologies that save power, dissipate heat and accommodate significant amounts of data. Regional and International award and recognition only fuel KINGMAX’s desire to provide the best in memory solution. KINGMAX has a vision to become the leading provider of world-class turnkey DRAM and Flash memory solutions, and its comprehensive, vertically-integrated structure have it positioned to take the lead. All the KINGMAX products therefore undergo rigorous tests before launching to the market to ensure the highest quality, and with their lifetime warranty, you can be completely assured that KINGMAX products are your best choice. For more information, please visit the KINGMAX official website at:  You can also become follow us at KINGMAX’s FB:

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