KINGMAX Mar. 2015 – Overclocking DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM

Overclocking DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM

Relatively speaking, the more emphasis on a single game of individual heroism, while the majority of online gamers will be more emphasis on cooperation Pu body. Favorite players in the game, there is always adhere to its own.

But one thing is the same, the players need powerful hardware as backup. The KINGMAX overclocking memory modules – DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM ally is the best player!

Suppose <League> dark shadow on the island, the oncoming enemies, and companions have not yet come to support. Under such circumstances, the player can only rely on their own? ! Even the role of the tank, superior memory performance is not enough, then I’m afraid and therefore missed the overall situation … If you can not run the computer at an important moment, or archive failed, it simply got hit ah!

Rest assured! KINGMAX memory products manufacturer with years of experience allows you to eliminate the possibility of the above, the player simply forward bravely fighting the enemy, do not worry assault hardware devices. KINGMAX DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM provides higher bandwidth and low latency timing and other advantages, so that players can challenge the possibility of a higher speed.

DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM can support Intel XMP 2.0, and can be set to two groups of SPD, allowing the player to make more set of tests. In addition, DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM using a special thermal design work to strengthen the effectiveness of memory modules. KINGMAX patent “Nano thermal technology,” but also to a more tidy appearance design of lightweight and does not require extra fin design can reduce the operating temperature of 10 percent!

KINGMAX from the player market in order to repay the players started with modest price offer high-end DRAM products, trying to get more players to enjoy the game, bring to life a higher sense of speed.

In addition, one of the games recommended by friends with computer assembly DIY premium menu:. KINGMAX2.5 “SSD SME Xvalue campaign budget is not high players can easily start SSD performance and excellent stability pursuit of effectiveness .SME Xvalue read speed up to 540MB / s. The shock, impact, etc. are rigorously tested KINGMAX, the intention to adhere to quality assurance, to provide value for money players gaming experience!

Heart it? Quickly replaced with new equipment for the PC bar, KINGMAX give players maximum support, setting checkpoints more amazing achievement in the game!

For Big Data ERA -SSD Enhance Efficiency

SME35 using standard SATA III 6Gb / s transmission interface, can improve computer performance and prolong its service life, are looking for cost-effective upgrade program to enhance the effectiveness of consumer PC computers, bringing a sense of value and significantly improve the efficiency of value for money. Maximum sequential read speed of up to 540MB / s, sequential write speeds as high as 300MB / s, not only greatly reduce the operating system on / off time, in the transmission archives more quickly and easily, eliminating unnecessary waiting time. There are 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities of three with support SATA3.1 interface, and sub-notebook stand-alone packaging and packing two kinds of choices, make the installation more convenient.

Sequential read and write speeds of up to: 540MB / s, 300MB / s

• Support SATA3.1 interface (6Gb / s)
• Powerful average rewriteable technology to extend product life and high quality BCH error correction (ECC) technology
• Monitoring Technology (SMART) to ensure data reliability
• shockproof, impact resistance
• No mechanical operational structure, no noise
• Low power consumption, better than traditional hard drives
• Mean time between failures (MTBF): 120 万 小时
• 3-year warranty
SME35 contain tables Machine Kit
InterfaceSATA III 6GB / s
Overall dimensions2.5 “
Capacity60GB / 120GB / 240GB / 480GB
Size100.0mm (long) x69.85mm (width) x7.0mm (high)
Weight71g (max.)
Environmental Specifications 
Working temperature
0 ~ 70 ℃
Sequential read speed
480GB up to 540MB / s
240GB up to 540MB / s
120GB up to 540MB / s
60GB up to 450MB / s
Sequential write speed
480GB up to 300MB / s
240GB up to 300MB / s
120GB up to 150MB / s
60GB up to 75MB / s
Electricity use 
DC 5V +/- 5%
Power Consumption (Active)
480 / 240GB: 3.5W (max.)
120GB: 2.25W (max.)
60GB: 1.6W (max.)
Power Consumption (Idle)
480/240/120 / 60GB: 0.4W (typ.)
Average rewriteable technology
Powerful average rewriteable technology
Mean time between failures MTBF
1.2 million hours
Data Protection
55 bit BCH ECC
Product Life Monitor
Data retention
10 years
3 years
Certification and specification
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