KTC Launches Curved OLED TV – The 55L83F

KTC Launches Curved OLED TV – The 55L83F

December 9th, 2014, Shenzhen, ChinaIn recent years, large screens have become the latest trends in TVs. With the improvements in the manufacturing process, LCD screens of larger sizes have found their way into thousands of households. However, in addition to large screens, has it ever occurred to you that the TV screen would not only become larger but also curved in the future?As a perfect combination of advanced technology and sophisticated quality, KTC’s curved OLED TV 55L83F is the first curved TV launched to the market in China. In addition to the perfect viewing experience of a curved screen, KTC’s curved OLED TV 55L83F is as thin as 8mm and lighter than an ordinary LCD TV since it uses an OLED panel. It is believed in the industry that six OLED TVs have the same weight as one LCD TV. The LCD panels use a weak and heavy glass substrate and are thus not thin or safe enough, while OLED panels use a flexible substrate made of organic materials and are thus lighter, thinner and safer. The OLED panel is the core advantage of a curved TV. The weight of a curved TV is only a fraction of the weight of an LCD TV of the same size, so the heavy support and safety measures are no longer required for transport and installation.

If the rapid development of LCD panels in the past few years indicates that consumers prefer light and thin bodies and low power consumption, then, being thinner, safer, and resistant to the impacts in daily use, organic OLED technology can be an even better replacement with superior performance. Meanwhile, OLED panels use self-luminous technology with independently controllable pixels, thus there is no need for a backlight, resulting in lower voltage and lower power consumption.

The self-luminous feature also contributes to a more accurate blending of RGB colors, a wider viewing angle, higher contrast and more vivid colors. The color gamut coverage of KTC’s 55L83F is 115%, which is 25% higher than that of an ordinary LCD TV.

Intelligent interaction has become one of the core applications of TVs. However, considering the high cost, many TV manufacturers are still using single-core or dual-core processors. The quad-core configuration can be a big attraction, but it will take a long time to turn on the TV. KTC’s 55L83F uses a built-in advanced octa-core processor to support the intelligent operating system, allowing you to say goodbye to the bad experience of operation delay when using the TV. Relying on the powerful hardware, it will take only a few seconds to turn on the 55L83F. You will enjoy the vivid sounds and images immediately without waiting. The extremely short response time (0.001ms) of OLED panels is 20 times faster than what the human eye can detect. Each wonderful moment can be captured accurately, whether in a football or basketball game or speed racing. It can also easily support gaming at 60FPS. In addition to visual features, the sound is outstanding too. Its stereo, echo and immersive sound effects are highly comparable to the sound effects of a specialized Hi-Fi sound system.

The launch of the 55L83F demonstrates the strength of KTC. More importantly, KTC has always been focusing on the experience of consumers. As a perfect combination of advanced technology and actual need, even many years later, KTC’s 55L83F will still be a worthwhile audio and video investment for you.

For more visit the KTC website at: http://www.ktc.com.cn

About KTC

Established in 1993, Shenzhen KTC Technology Group specializes in the manufacturing of flat panel display terminal products. KTC group consists of Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd., SHENZHEN KTC COMMERCIAL DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., Huizhou KTC Technology Co., Ltd., KTC Computer Technology (HongKong) Co., Ltd. KTC, through independent research and development, gradually started its business in the monitor, LCD TV, tablet and commercial display industry and became one of Top-100 electronic information enterprises. Certified as a state-level high-tech enterprise and a member of the Shenzhen municipal R&D center, all KTC products have independent intellectual property rights, and take a leading position in the industry. KTC has won such honorary titles as “China Top-100 Electronic Information Enterprise”, “Top 50 Private Enterprises in Shenzhen”, “Forbes 2008 Top 200 Enterprises with Greatest Potential in China” and “Top 100 Manufacturers in Guangdong Province”.

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