Leadtek Makes Deeper Forays into the Cloud

Leadtek Makes Deeper Forays into the Cloud

Showcasing its home health care, digital surveillance, indoor/outdoor positioning integrated service and ultra-powerful enterprise 3D visual computing solution at Computex


May 29, 2015, Taipei

With “Beyond the Clouds” as the theme of demonstration at this year’s Computex, Leadtek will be focusing on visual computing and wireless communication technologies for its product lineup at TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 (Booth no. A1124) to showcase its latest 3D visual computing, video surveillance, health care, indoor Beacon and outdoor GPS applications.

Integrating a comprehensive array of features including indoor Beacon, outdoor GPS, digital IP surveillance, sensors, wireless physiological measurement devices for home use and real-time online health consultation services, Leadtek aims to deliver the most complete and real-time health cloud home care solution. With this solution, users will be able to use various devices such as an ECG Patch, blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, weight scale and so forth and send various physiological data wirelessly to the amor H100 Cloud Gateway before the data is uploaded to the amorRunner Cloud health management platform via Wi-Fi or mobile data network. Should any physiological data turn out to be abnormal, the health consultant will receive a warning and notify the user. For patients recovering at home after surgery, the solution also offers wearable medical devices that provide comprehensive abilities to detect results of systolic parameters and abnormal heart sounds with the phonocardiogram and electrocardiogram coaxial analytical technique so physicians can provide remote care for patients when issues occur. In addition to physiological data measurement, Leadtek has also integrated positioning service and video surveillance technologies in the solution; once the alarm is triggered, the IP Camera, SIP NVR and CMS will automatically stream images from the location to the administrator’s mobile device. Coupled with the indoor Beacon and outdoor GPS services, the precise location of the event will be shown on the map to shorten response time and ensure none of the golden hour is wasted.

Leadtek believes that day-to-day health management is a better solution compared to treatment, and has therefore integrated core medical technologies for the development of its wearable device amor H1 Heart Rate and Activity Monitor. The device features precise measurement of the user’s heart rate and relevant HRV statistics. Coupled with the amor H1 APP that provides ANS activity indicators, users will not only be able to keep track of their workout results but also facilitate the activity of their ANS to achieve better physical fitness. Leadtek will also be featuring its amor YOUNG Far Infrared Wave Nano Band – the health product that features FIR technologies for the senior users. The product features nano-woven materials of rare metals such as titanium, germanium and ceramic powder that release αfar infrared energy. The national patented product has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, U.S. FDA and EU medical institutions. It is worth noting that the frequency released by amor YOUNG is of the same wavelength of the absorption spectrum of the human body, and the product will help to increase the volume and flow of blood in the body to achieve the best resonating effect.

Through the integration of daily healthcare products and features such as physiological data measurement, home safety surveillance, physical exercise facilitation and a professional team of consultants, Leadtek has created a well-rounded cloud service for health and safety care. In the future, Leadtek will also strive to optimize personal services and utilize Exalead big data solution in its healthcare integration.

WinFast GS2020 GRID Server is a GPU-accelerated virtualization solution to deliver high-performance sharing of the GPU across multiple users. It supports up to 4 GRID GPU cards and 1TB ECC LRDIMM or 512GB ECC RDIMM, DDR4-2133MHz in 16 DIMM slots. The server optimizes hardware configuration and the break-through NVIDIA’s GRID technology. NVIDIA’s GRID cards feature NVIDIA Kepler-based GPUs and are specifically designed to enable rich, faster, interactive graphical experience to a variety of users in virtualized environments. No matter if you are a designer, engineer, power user, or knowledge worker, now you are able to enjoy highly responsive virtual desktops and 3D-intensive multimedia applications.

Furthermore, Leadtek leverages industry-leading virtualization solutions, such as VMware Horizon View, and PCoIP zero clients to complete a consistent, fully interoperable system. PCoIP zero client enables all computing resources and data to be transferred to the centralized server in a secure data center and lowers support overheads for your corporation. It does not have a general purpose CPU, local data storage or application operating system, resulting in an ultra-secure and easy to manage client device that does not require regular updates or patches. The whole system enhances enterprise data management and security while delivering an immaculate, uncompromised end user experience over a standard IP network.

Leadtek’s cloud applications have been integrated. Welcome to visit our Booth# A1124 at TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 to jointly explore telecare, cloud-based big data, 3D visual computing, and more. For detailed product information, please visit www.leadtek.com

About Leadtek Research Inc.

Established since 1986, Leadtek Research Inc. provides customers with best quality services upon the corporate motto ‘Innovation and Quality’ by extending the corporate spirit ‘Integrity and Honesty’. As one of the world’s oldest professional graphics card developer and maker, Leadtek is dedicated to total solutions for multimedia and communication. Today, Leadtek has developed into a multifaceted solution provider with main product ranges covering the zero client and thin client for desktop virtualization, graphic cards for both computer games and workstations, multimedia phones, GPS, digital monitoring systems, cloud computing workstations, and others, aiming to serve the global market with multidimensional, innovative technologies and excellent products.  

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