Leap HD 3D VR Glasses Review @ocinside

Leap HD 3D VR Glasses Review 

Today we have the first gadget test on OCinside.de - Gadgets on OCinside? Yes, because in addition to the great PC hardware, which we regularly test and daily publish in our news, there are plenty of interesting gadgets for the PC and of course for the mobile devices, without we no longer want to leave the house - the smartphone. Today's smartphone gadget we want to introduce according to the recently published gamescom report. These VR glasses are designed to provide the world of virtual reality for just 20 Euro in combination with a smartphone. And that may be something? For sure! For this purpose we test also a Bluetooth gamepad that you can use as a camera remote release alike, as well as for smartphone remote control and operation of the Cardboard VR goggles.

For M<ore Information Please Visit  http://www.ocinside.de/review/leap_hd_3d_vr_glasses/

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