LEPA at CES 2017

LEPA at CES 2017

LEPA, a PSU and thermal solution provider, officially joined ENERMAX group in 2016. At CES 2017, LEPA will present its latest innovative products:
PC Case LPC502

The ATX case can support 240mm liquid cooler on the top and front. Furthermore, LPC502 features the latest PSU shroud design for a neat and clean build.  In addition, the case has got a great cooling potential; users can install up to 7 fans.  Massive mesh areas in the front and top panels provide superb ventilation. Tinted acrylic side panel provides low profile mysterious look for your interior rigs. LPC502 comes with 2 x USB3.0 and 2 x USB 2.0 for easy access to external peripherals; the chassis supports long VGA card (max. 390mm).  
■ MSRP (US$): $64.99 (Model#: LPC502W-BL(2U3))
■ Available at retail (USA): Now
CPU cooler NEOllusion

NEOllusion is the world’s 1st RGB CPU air cooler with remote control; the RGB cooler is designed with LED lighting strips on both sides of the heatsink to create one-of-a-kind illumination effects. On top of that, NEOllusion features a remote control, which allows users to control and adjust the color, brightness, lighting speed and modes. The remote control (effective range up to 3 meters) is  included  and  the  operation  is  very  simple  and  intuitive.  No  app  or  software  is  required; therefore no need to bother with complicated documentation and cumbersome installation any more. LEPA NEOllusion is equipped with ENERMAX’s patented VGF (Vortex Generator Flow), SNCC (Super Nano Conductive Coating) and HDT (Heat-pipe Direct Touch) technology, which offers TDP up to 200W. NEOllusion comes with an advanced Dual Convex Blade PWM fan for superb cooling performance. The default fan speed range is from 600 to 1800 RPM; however, NEOllusion also includes a speed adopter to reduce the fan speed (400 – 1000 RPM) for silent enthusiasts.
■ MSRP (US$): $69.99
■ Available at retail (USA): Now

CHOPPER  ADVANCE  features  brilliant  quad-ring  patter  which  can  fashion  30  different  kinds  of
lighting effects. This new LED fan is equipped with LEPA modular frame with a halo ring design to
increase 30% more airflow. Together with LEPA patented Barometric Oilless (BOL) Bearing (MTBF more than 160,000 hours), CHOPPER ADVANCE provides ultra-silent operation, and brings LED fans to an advanced level.  CHOPPER ADVANCE is an ideal case fan for case modding with 4 colors available: blue, red, green and white.
■ MSRP (US$): $19.99
■ Available at retail (USA): Now


Q-Boom (BTS03)

Q-Boom is a multi-functional portable Bluetooth speaker with selfie remote shutter, music play and hands-free talking. The quick-start selfie remote control can pair with most smart phones via Bluetooth without app installation.  
■ MSRP (US$): $19.99
■ Available at retail (USA): Now

About LEPA

The leopard is the trademark of LEPA. He represents power, dynamics and aggressivity. The product range includes power supplies, cases, fans and notebook coolers. The product development follows the latest market trends and user demands. With proven quality, established technologies and an aggressive price setting, LEPA is seeking for the leadership in the mid-range segment. The head office of the LEPA Technology Corporation is based in Taiwan.

©2017  LEPA  TECHNOLOGY  CORPORATION.  All  rights  reserved.  Specifications  are  subject  to  change  without  notice.  Content  of  delivery  might
differ in different areas or from illustrations. Some trademarks may be claimed as the property of others.  

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