Mionix forms the #MionixMob

Mionix forms the #MionixMob


The newly introduced streamer network will support Twitch & Youtube talent in their development and growth

Malmö, Sweden – Mionix has just announced the formation of a Youtube & Twitch streamer network to help young and ambitious talent across the world to be heard, develop their skills and grow together with Mionix.

Forming a dedicated and talented team of video producers and streamers under the name of #MionixMob will amplify the voices of all members and encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the MionixMobsters.Each team member will be equipped with Mionix gear and included in Mionix’s communication. They will get featured on the Mionix channels and will be given individual support to grow their own community. Exclusive insights like beta-testing or invites to gaming events are also planned parts of the program.

“Streaming is often a one man or girl show. We are giving passionate PC gaming streamers and video creators out there the opportunity to boost their reach, be part of a team and benefit from a great network of resources. Twitch and Youtube are the platforms of the gaming generation, and we are functioning as a catalyzer. With the 7 founding members of the #MionixMob we have found a strong line-up of very unique, talented and joyful characters who really enjoy what they are doing and you can see that every second of their videos and streams,” says Christoffer Suess, Vice President Marketing at Mionix.

The #MionixMob consists right now of Kierce ‘SheDevil’ Bishop, Nils ‘SwedeBadass’ Eriksson, Christoffer ‘CooocX’ Bergman, Michael ‘KendricSwissh’ Kratzel, Felicia ‘RapunzZz3l’ Haara, Nick ‘Kugo the Mighty’ Sleeper and Niklas ‘Fiskarna’ Lundqvist. Mionix will add more suitable candidates moving forward and expand the program as it goes.

Interested streamers can apply for the #MionixMob here:


To know more about the founding members, please visit:


About Mionix

Founded in Sweden in 2007, Mionix’ sole mission is to transform what people use on their desktops naturally for several hours a day into personal moments of joy every time they interact with them.

By always challenging the limits of hardware as well as software, Mionix is breaking down the barriers between users and the optimal desktop experience. The Swedish character deeply ingrained, Mionix diligently strives for perfection in performance, quality and design. This is what we call the Mionix Craftsmanship. www.mionix.net

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