Monster Adistar Adidas Bluetooth Headphones [email protected]

  Monster Adistar Adidas Bluetooth Headphones Review


In a world full of wireless Bluetooth signals engulfing the space around us, maybe its time to clear the air a bit… Nah, why even think of that? We need ‘Moar’ wireless! Thus, the Monster Adistar came into existance. With a pricey price tag and a light weight body for those jog-aholics out there this may be your device to hold dear during those long trips, please, please… the sidewalk was made for a reason…

Anyway, this device is lightweight, snug in the ear, attractive to look at with the Adidas logo shining at the tips subtlely reminding me of Cybermen (DW fans rejoice) and best of all there are no heavy pieces that will tug at your cords until it flings off like a boomerang and into the sewage gutter it goes… experience goes a long way.

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