MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals Results

MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals Came to the Perfect Ending

Solar Won the Starcraft II Champion

Virtus.Pro Claimed the Title of DOTA 2.

[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals finally came to the perfect ending in Nov, 3rd morning. All top players DOTA 2 and Starcraft II, well-known international hosts and casters and thousands of gaming fans from around the world gathered at ATT Show Box, cheering for their favorite players! After two days of intensive fighting, eventually, Solar won the Starcraft II champion and Virtus.Pro claimed the title of DOTA 2.

MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals were kicked off by four MSI officers and event ambassador Zhang Jinglan on November 1st-2nd. The brand-new Dragon Starship press conference had its great open with hundreds of gaming fans onsite and several dozen thousands of online gamers. The press conference opened with Eric Kou’s speech, MSI Notebook vice president for global sales & marketing. ”The MSI Beat It Gaming Tournament can be traced back to 2010. To feedback our long term supports from gamers, this year, the 5th MSI Beat IT, the first time, we have the grand finals held in Taipei. As you know, after intense striving for more than 4 months from June to October, across over 120 countries and after over 750 games played. Today, MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals finally is right here right now. I could only say, everybody here, you are the best! MSI Beat IT is the BEST gaming tournament.”

The first round of Starcraft II played on the main stage by the host player Has against Flash from Korea made a sensational start. After intensive in day 1, Rogue, Solar, PartinG and YoDa advanced into the semifinals (RO4). In day 2, Solar defeated Rogue and was qualified to the championship. The ex-championship PartinG showed his unrivaled strength and defeated YoDa with a 3-0 victory. Then Rogue took the 3rd place by beating YoDa. Under the witness of mass gamers and the fierce fights, Solar eventually won the MSI Beat IT 2014 Starcraft II champion.

In the part of DOTA 2 which is rarely held off-line in Taiwan, Virtus.Pro straight defeated Na’Vi in Group A in the first day. US, Rave successfully advanced into semifinal without losing in Group B; CDEC kept all the way unbeaten, Team Immunity from Australia also defeated Insidious Idol to win the ticket of the semifinals. The next day, Virtus.Pro team from Russia was qualified to the championship by beating CDEC with a 2:1 victory. Then CDEC took the 3rd place by beating RAVE, 2:0. After the fierce fights, Virtus.Pro eventually won the MSI Beat IT 2014 DOTA 2 champion by 3:1.

Another highlight of the day was autograph sessions much favored by gamers. Though, Korean player Flash and the Zerg king Sen from Taiwan were defeated accidentally in the first day, they also left the precious autograph for their fans. The DOTA 2 casters Khaldor (Thomas Kilian), Harstem, Capitalist(Austin Welsh), Maelk were surrounded by fans lined up at the event, patiently awaiting their favorite players, casters and hosts for a chance to get up close and personal with their idols. Fans erupted in cheers and took photos the moment they saw their idols coming. Excitement and passion filled the air, bringing gamers lasting joy throughout the day.

Outside the gaming zone, the StarCraft II and DOTA 2 cosplay shows were particularly eye-catching. The moment the shows began, people could hardly take their eyes off the mind-blowing StarCraft II Queen of Blades Kerrigan, the most lethal and promising StarCraft II “Ghost” operative Nova, DOTA 2’s fiery Slayer Lina and Lina’s sister, the Crystal Maiden Rylai. Excited and delighted, people grabbed their chance to photograph the cosplayers and enjoyed some relaxing and entertaining moments. MSI also showcased the cutting-edge gaming products onsite, such as GS60-Ghost gaming laptop, GTX 970 GAMING 4G graphics card, X99S GAMING 9 AC motherboard, AG240 2PEAll -In-One PC, etc. In addition to that, the latest GT80 gaming laptop with its socking specifications, featuring the unprecedented 18.4” panel, NVIDIA GTX980M discrete graphics card, and SteelSeries Cherry keyboard, was the focus except the eye-catching gaming events on the stage.



During the two days of MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals, fans erupted in cheers. “MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Tournament exactly shows us a world-class gaming festival and builds a new gaming milestone in Taiwan. We are looking forward to experience it again in Taipei!” said all gaming fans.

Grand Finals Date : Nov. 1st-2nd , 2014

Grand Finals Venue : ATT Show Box, 7F., No.12, Songshou Rd., Sinyi Dist., Taipei City Taiwan

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