MSI GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro GTX 1060 Gaming Laptop Review @eteknix

MSI GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro GTX 1060 Gaming Laptop Review


Not so long ago, Taiwanese journal DigitTimes published a report which classified MSI as the leading gaming laptop manufacturer and forecasted huge growth in the upcoming quarter. Even though ASUS queried the data, it’s clear that MSI’s exceptional range of gaming laptops which caters towards different demographics has become a resounding success. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious ultra-slim laptop with gaming credentials or require something with extra horsepower, there’s a product designed for your specific requirements. MSI’s imperious reputation in this sector is thoroughly deserved because their creations feature extraordinary build quality. Not only that, MSI has pushed the technological boundaries to include higher-fidelity audio solutions and attractive RGB lighting. When you add into the frame, MSI’s unique software package which includes really useful applications such as a 12-month XSplit license, it’s difficult to find many flaws.

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