MSI GT62VR 7RE Dominator Pro Kaby Lake First [email protected]

MSI GT62VR 7RE Dominator Pro Kaby Lake First Look

MSI’s gaming laptops have gained a special status for their gorgeous sense of style and astounding features. It’s no surprise that the latest data puts their firmly in the lead as the world’s most successful gaming laptop manufacturer. Honestly, it’s thoroughly deserved and I’m pleased to see the MSI pushing the technical envelope further and making laptops a true alternative to traditional desktops. Of course, the advent of NVIDIA’s highly-efficient Pascal architecture played a huge part in this progress and dramatically cut the performance deficit between the two form-factors. Compiling any kind of system requires a balanced, thoughtful approach and ensuring the weakest link doesn’t inhibit the user-experience. While the previous generation Intel processors in the form of the i7-6700HQ and i7-6820HK complemented high-end graphics hardware pretty well, there’s always room for improvement.

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