MSI launches new Mini-ITX B350 motherboard for RYZEN

MSI launches new Mini-ITX B350 motherboard for RYZEN

MSI, one of the world leading motherboard developers, is pleased to introduce the new Mini-ITX B350I PRO AC motherboard, ready for AMD SocketAM4 and the latest RYZEN processors. 

Building a small form factor PC, whether it’s for professional, multimedia or gaming use, has never been more interesting on the AM4 platform with this comprehensive, feature packed solution.

A strong 9-phase PWM design (6+2+1), unseen on any AM4 Mini-ITX motherboard, the use of Military Class components and inclusion of DDR4 Boost, ensures a perfectly stable system under any condition with top performance. It also features DisplayPort, a HDMI output and 2x pin headers for RGB strips.The new B350I PRO AC even comes with Mystic Light, allowing anyone to change the system LED colors while applying lighting effects. 


Moreover, the built-in Intel Wireless AC delivers super stable signals and maximizes internet data transfer speeds for a flawless networking experience. For storage, Turbo M.2 is present as well as Lightning USB 3.1 Gen2 to enhance file transfer efficiency. Isolated components and Steel Armor make sure signals remain optimal and protects against EMI to ensure the best performance for graphics cards.Choose the B350I PRO AC to level up your small form factor PC and enjoy an excellent experience.
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