MSI Vortex G65VR 6RE GTX 1070 SLI Gaming PC Review @eTeknix

MSI Vortex G65VR 6RE GTX 1070 SLI Gaming PC Review 

The typical PC form factor has progressively evolved over time due to the advent of die shrinks and other efficiency savings which make compact systems a viable purchase. Unless you’re opting for a build with multiple graphics cards, it’s possible to construct an extremely powerful machine in a sleek and slimline chassis. Saying that, full tower cases provide better airflow due to the larger surface area and tiny ITX cube cases tend to be reserved for low-end HTPC usage scenarios. Despite the higher thermal loads, consumers appear to be embracing smaller hardware and enjoy the concept of downsizing their PC. This market trend has inspired manufacturers to draft innovative, interesting designs which could potentially change the way we perceive systems with exceptional gaming credentials.

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