Mushkin Announces New Ridgeback Heatsink Design at CES 2015

Mushkin Announces New Ridgeback Heatsink Design

LV, Nevada – Jan. 7, 2015 — Mushkin Enhanced MFG, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance computer innovations and solutions, has unveiled at CES 2015 their newly refreshed Ridgeback heatsink for Blackline and Redline memory modules.

Cut from aircraft-grade aluminum, the second generation Ridgeback heatsink is the newest model of durability and functionality.  Officially scheduled to launch with Mushkin’s new performance DDR4 memory kits in Q1 2015, each module is hand tested and validated on motherboards from all the major manufacturers. The Ridgeback DDR4 modules feature XMP 2.0 profiles to deliver easy, reliable overclocking performance with the Intel® X99 platforms and the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors.



The new Redline and Blackline Ridgeback DDR4 memory kits incorporate a striking industrial design for improved aesthetics and cool operation. Redline and Blackline Ridgeback memory kits are built with hand-screened DRAM, undergo rigorous stress testing, and incorporate state-of-the-art cooling for reliable performance in demanding environments.

“We’re very excited to unveil the new Ridgeback heatsink at CES 2015. As we revamp our performance module heatsinks, we’re using the opportunity to deliver a capable thermal management solution while updating our Blackline and Redline series with an edgy, modern design,” said Brian Flood, Director of Product Development at Mushkin Inc. “Our designs always have a purpose and we’re pleased to be able to improve our products’ look and functionality”

The new Rideback heatsink design will be an exhilarating change as the Ridgeback’s slick and eye-catching silhouette will allow your machine to run smoothly and in style.

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Mushkin Inc.

For over 20 years, Mushkin has been dedicated to helping overclockers, gamers, IT managers, digital artists and mobile professionals enhance their computing experience by providing reliable, high-performance products.  Mushkin products include a line of flash memory-based products and complete selection of memory upgrades for desktops, notebooks and servers. Since the company’s founding in 1994, Mushkin has received numerous awards and commendations for quality, reliability and technical excellence.

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