Neoseeker Newsletter: Thursday March 31st, 2016

Neoseeker Games & Hardware Newsletter: Thursday March 31st, 2016

Corsair Void Surround Gaming Headset Review

The Corsair Void Surround comes with a USB adapter for greater compatibility with a variety of gaming platforms including eighth-gen consoles.

Ozone Rage ST Advanced Gaming Headset Review

A comfortable headset with excellent sound quality, compatible across multiple platforms and offering great value.

Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse Review

An affordable mouse with 8 programmable buttons and options for the most ambitious work or gaming needs.

IT and Gaming News Headlines

Final Fantasy XV release date finalized for September 30th, new demo due tonight

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A GameSpot video (which apparently went live earlier than planned) covering details from Square Enix’s “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV” event in Los Angeles appears to have confirmed the rumors that Final Fantasy XV will launch this September 30th. Final Fantasy XV has been a long time coming, living through changes in plot points and even game director, so it’s both exciting and surreal to realize that the wait will finally come to an end before the year is through… just as promised.

Rumor: PlayStation 4K will have a more powerful GPU, “GOW4” listed as launch title

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Yesterday, we reported the rumored existence of an updated PlayStation 4. Everyone’s referring to it as the PlayStation 4K, including alleged internal data. Today, NeoGAF user OsirisBlack brought forward new information about the alleged PS4K system. Two of the most important pieces of information are a more powerful GPU and “GOW4” listed as a launch title. The abbreviation almost certainly means a fourth God of War is coming, unless Sony somehow managed to get Microsoft to bring Gears of War to the PlayStation. The latter seems highly unlikely, so it’s probably safe to assume the former.

Dragon Quest Monsters and Dark Souls III dominate new release week in Japan

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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to check in on the video game market in Japan once more. Last week, we saw Pokkén Tournament top the charts in its global debut. This week, Pokkén Tournament found itself instantly knocked down to fifth place as a surge of new releases in Japan grabbed everyone’s interest. As expected with a new Dragon Quest title, Monsters: Joker 3 dominated sales as Dark Souls III secured second place. In fact, Pokkén Tournament was the only game in this week’s top sellers that wasn’t a brand new release.

Street Fighter V’s first DLC character Alex is ready to power bomb you for free (literally)

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Street Fighter III’s Alex is at last ready to join Street Fighter V’s roster of world warriors, as the second portion of Capcom’s highly anticipated March 2016 update for the PS4 and PC fighting game finally goes live according to schedule. Alex is the first of six post-release characters to be released on a monthly basis for SFV, and technically was meant to be unlockable either through earning in-game Fight Money or as straight up DLC purchase using real money.

Nintendo’s eShop opens web-based store front this week on March 31

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Nintendo made waves already today by announcing Thursday’s North American Miitomo launch, but that’s only the beginning. A new store front for Nintendo’s eShop is also coming, allowing gamers to browse and purchase more than 2,000 games for their 3DS or Wii U system from the comfort of their computer or mobile device. Like Miitomo, Nintendo fans will have to wait until March 31 to be able to take advantage of all the new toys the company’s putting out.

2016’s World Video Game Hall of Fame nominees include The Legend of Zelda and The Oregon Trail

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It’s that time of year for the National Museum of Play to begin deliberating the 2016 class for the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The committee in charge of nominations has one slight problem. There are a total of fifteen finalists on this year’s ballot, and they need help narrowing it down. The hall of fame’s website has a poll open now for fans to vote for their favorite games to be immortalized at The Strong museum in Rochester, New York. This year’s finalists span from the 1970’s in Space Invaders to the 1990’s with Lara Croft’s first adventures in Tomb Raider.

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