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Community Spotlight: Mister MacPhisto’s Top Games of 2014


As part of Neoseeker’s Game of the Year celebrations for 2014, we’re spotlighting several community members’ lists of their favorite games from the year. These are are community-written articles and the opinions there-in do not necessarily reflect those of Neoseeker. With that said, we certainly believe they show just how diverse the tastes of the community are, as well as just how much everyone here on Neoseeker loves games — from the writing staff through the moderators and down to the casual new members. Thanks to everyone for contributing.

Community Spotlight: Rabla’s Top Games of 2014

When I think of this sort of thing I automatically go to “Top Ten” listings, however I had a problem doing this because there are a few games (Bayonetta 2, Shadows of Mordor) that I knew would be competing for number 1. Yet I hadn’t personally been able to play those games outside a few short sessions on friends’ copies. Since it’d be unfair to do this without me actually getting a good play of them, I wanted to do something other than a ranked listing.

Community Spotlight: Dragoon’s Top Games of 2014

Hi. I’m Shayn, Dragoon on Neoseeker, category moderator for PlayStation 4, moderator of the Doctor Who forum, and occasional wiki-person. 2014 was a host to some interesting games, with a lot of emphasis on cross-generation and not many developers placing their chips purely on one generation or the other. Big examples from the last year include Thief from Square Enix and Ubisoft releasing a game on both generations simultaneously in the form of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue (for past generation) and Assassin’s Creed: Unity (for current generation).

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited drops subscription in spring, console versions due in June

The Elder Scrolls Online will be going subscription-free starting March 17, less than a year after its debut last April. This “new” version of the Elder Scrolls MMO will be retitled The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, sharing the name with its upcoming console release on June 9.

League of Legends’ Worlds 2015 will be held in Europe, a multi-city, multi-country event


Riot Games is, yet again, stepping up their game for League of Legends next World Championship event. 2014 saw the event come to Seoul, Korea and several event locations in the surrounding countries — Singapore and Taipei for example. 2015 is going to go one step further. Today Riot announced that World 2015 will be held in Europe, as in the whole of Europe. Group stages, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals will be held in not just different cities, but also different countries.

Fable Legends will support cross-play between PC and Xbox One via Windows 10

Microsoft announced today that Lionhead Studios’ upcoming Fable Legends will feature cross-play between Xbox One and PC versions. Awesome? I’d say so.

Robert Bowling’s studio Robotoki closes its doors, putting ‘Human Element’ survival game on hold

This week is a sad one for the indie scene, as Robert Bowling’s Robotoki studio shuts down, effectively putting its Human Element project on hold. According to an open letter by Bowling, the former Call of Duty creative strategist can no longer afford to self-fund the studio and their 2015 zombie apocalypse game. While negotiations to secure a publisher were underway, nothing else is going to happen unless the deal goes through.

Ori and the Blind Forest drops March 11, see gravity become a mechanic in this beautiful side-scroller

Microsoft exclusive Ori and the Blind Forest won its share of attention at E3 2014 but was quickly delayed after. Today, we learn the side-scroller from Moon Studios will be released on March 11, putting it at just under two months from now. That’s not too long of a wait, right?

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